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After many years of building multiple clients' social platforms as well as building our own, we decided that it was time that we open this up as a full time service for anyone and everyone who needs help instead of our previous referral-only business model! 

The Social Project is a boutique social media marketing agency and sister company of The Women Project

We are a small boutique firm and love working with our clients. We eat, sleep, and breathe social media, and yes, we love it! We take the stress of managing your social media accounts off your hands, so you can put all your energy & focus into running your company. We are entrepreneurs and love helping other entrepreneurs which is why our packages are available to custom pricing depending on your individual needs. 

Contact us today and let's start the conversation. Let us help you get social media off your plate so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business or brand. 

Meet the team


Kiera Palmer

Founder & CEO

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets

your soul on fire."

Kiera Palmer is what you would call a "social media enthusiast" and after years of building her own social media presence and learning everything she could about the platforms, she started taking clients on a freelance basis. Overtime she realized that she loved this business and wanted to pursue it full time. Having enough clients and enough knowledge in the space, she founded her own social media management company. She named the company "The Social Project" to mirror her first company, The Women Project

Kiera is from the suburbs of Atlanta and graduated from the University of Georgia. After graduation, she moved to Buckhead and has been there ever since! She lives at home with Trey and their dogs.


Kiera is the founder of the Atlanta chapter of The Pink Agenda. She currently serves as the Secretary of the Buckhead Business Association and the Director of Women in Careers for Women in Technology

She loves all things UGA football and NY Yankees! She is also an amateur photographer, a philanthropist, and a fan of great wine to name a few things. She loves Mexican and French food and would be happy eating one of those cuisines every single day.

You can find her performing on stage with her dance family from time to time and, yes, she has a killer hip-hop alter ego. 

In her spare time, you probably cannot find her because she is out exploring the globe as she is an avid traveler. She is #DeltaLoyal and you will see her featured from time to time in the Delta ads, in-flight videos, social media posts campaigns, and their Sky Magazine. She loves experiencing new places, but visits Paris and NYC as much as possible. She speaks a good bit of French and loves visiting her family's home country of France to brush up on her skills. Travel is definitely one of her biggest passions and you can follow her adventures over on Instagram at @theblonderer

As Partner and President of The Social Project, Hope Sonam serves as a leader, digital content specialist and client advocate. Her goal is to tell as many brand stories as possible from a place of authenticity and vulnerability, and she has a particular knack for helping our clients embrace all things digital. Interested in video, animation, digital storytelling, virtual event facilitation or digital course creation? She's your girl. 


Hope never meets a stranger and lives for connection and creativity. From the creative writing scholarship she had in college and the five years spent as a professional singer/songwriter with songs placed in film and television to her successful corporate sales career for one of the top digital marketing agencies in Nashville telling corporate brand stories small and large, Hope was literally made for this.  


Another theme that defines her is that of personal development. She is passionate about developing others and coaching as well as her own personal spiritual growth. As a certified coach, Hope’s newly launched passion project, My Plan B Life, serves to inspire and unite those with similar experiences of having a dream and pivoting along the way. (We run that account too!)


Hope lives in Southeast Atlanta with her dog, Jesse Mae, and enjoys getting out of the city, breathing fresh air and searching for shooting stars whenever possible. She has a special line item in her budget for concert tickets and she can parallel park a boat. 


She is passionate about serving various women's organizations, the creative community, humanitarian rights organizations and young professional development. She currently serves as the Events Co-Chair for Next OnBoard and is a member of The Women Project, SHRM Atlanta and Women in Technology


You can follow along with her personally on IG at @hopesonamission.

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Hope Sonam

Partner & President

"Love is the answer.

Now what is the question?"


Julianne Collins

Senior Social Media Manager

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

The Social Project is thrilled to have Julianne Collins on board. She is one of those people with an incredible energy that you want to be around.


A textbook extrovert, Julianne has built a career around being social. Native to Atlanta, she was raised in a city that always had something to do, something to see and someone to share it with. These roots inspired her love for art, branding, design, events, photography, and writing.


Instinctively observant and passionate about making lasting connections, Julianne spent almost a decade in the service industry where she put her social side on full display. Shortly thereafter, she merged her social talents with her lust for creative pursuits and dove headfirst into digital marketing and event planning.


As The Social Project’s Senior Social Media Manager, Julianne helps small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their story with engaging, inspired content that builds relationships with their audience and invites them into their social circle. 


Julianne is the President of the young professional’s division of the Buckhead Business Association, Young Bucks, as well as the Atlanta Events Chair for The Women Project.


Personally, she is an avid practitioner of yoga and functional movement. In her off time, you can find her deepening her practice in any studio she can find or rearranging her living room furniture to make room for her mat.


A lover of nutritional science, Julianne follows a plant-based diet and is always whipping up drool-worthy recipes at home with her partner, Jason, and their cat daughter, A.T.Ella (whom’s hair is inescapable). You can follow along with her yoga journey on Instagram at @julesianne_.